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Mick Strider Forging Damascus I never thought I would own a knife making company, to have employees, it just sort of happened that way. Strider Knives became so popular that the company grew out of my control before I knew it. As it turns out, that was a good thing. Strider Knives Inc. has forged its place in history, and I am very proud of my involvement there. Strider Knives Inc. has exceeded every goal I had in knife making, but I’m still hungry.

What I wanted was to show people how knives were really supposed to be. Over the years we had lost the art of the Blade. Blades are the Art of Warfare. Still to this day, more Unit insignia contain blades than firearms. Blade society had ruled the earth since the first humanoid picked up a sharp rock; that was gone and replaced by an explosive driven projectile.

Putting evolved tools into the hands of War Fighters was my goal. Having formed Strider Knives perpetuated that goal. Now I want to focus on my art.

Mick Strider Customs Nightmare
Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Full Stealth
Mick Strider Custom Full Damascus
Mick Strider Custom Knives SMF


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